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At Barista Nation events, we train professionals on the new and classic product line made by UNIC-USA. We are proud to showcase these world-class espresso machines alongside some world-class baristas!


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If you haven't been to a Barista Nation Event to meet and talk to some very cool informative coffee industry leaders or participated in our "Latte Art Throwdown" check out our blog to learn more about the people and products that make Barista Nation a great event!


Read a snippet about the state-of-the-art espresso machines by UNIC.

The Tango and Tango Duo are the best in class super-automatic machines which feature full size twin 80mm Ditting Grinders, 13 liters of multi-boiler precision, and two heated all steel groups. The Tango produces the best shot you have ever had from a super automatic machine.

The state of the art multi-boiler flagship espresso machine from UNIC, the Stella Di Café features individual 1.65 liter integrated boiler/groups and digital pre infusion profiling software. This machine is one of the most beautiful and technically advanced on the market. Custom painting now available through UNIC!

This machine launched this year and offers the power and precision of a full sized machine, and offers best-in-class extraction. This system redefines the Pod as a viable option for those locations that need espresso in untrained or self-service environments. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, or B & I accounts, the all new Pony Pod System offers a solution for your most challenging customer locations.

Rounding out UNIC’s lineup of machines, is the ever dependable and sturdy, Mira Traditional Espresso Machine. The Mira’s innovative horizontal heat exchangers, with direct boiler mounted groups, allows for the fastest flush cooling available in it’s class, achieving consistent results through savvy engineering and build quality.


Check out our blog to find our more about the people, places and products that make each Barista Nation event remarkably unique!