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Barista Nation Brings Coffee Together with the Music Of New Orleans

Barista Nation brings coffee together with the music of New Orleans!

With this year’s event right around the corner, we wanted to reach out to the featured Barista Nation event entertainment, Jermal Watson, Sr., drummer/percussionist from Watson’s Theory. This band will be providing the soulful sounds at the event and we wanted to hear what Jermal had to say about how coffee, music and New Orleans go hand in hand…

Watson's Theory Band New Orleans

1.) Please tell us a little bit about what you do and how you got involved in coffee culture?

I am a musician from the great city of New Orleans, I got involved with coffee first from my dad who had a cup on a daily basis and secondly from my travels. Through traveling globally I’ve had the chance to taste coffee and also watch baristas work magic with some top notch equipment and some with some sub par equipment but still turned out a great product!

2.) Jermal, what do you think are the most innovative ways coffee, culture and music come together in New Orleans?

In a city like New Orleans, coffee, culture and music go hand in hand. Within in the music community here we will occasionally get into a conversation about what we drink before shows and the first thing that’s said is either espresso or an iced coffee (it’s hot here LOL), After that we get into our favorite places to go and get our morning or pre show jolt!

Coffee in general is a part of the fabric of our great city especially coffee with chicory something about people fall in love with. Coffee is a great neutralizer for many events, meetings etc. it’s the one beverage that you could have all the time and not be judged .

3.) In your opinion, who would benefit the most by attending Barista Nation New Orleans, and why?

Club ,business owners, etc could all benefit by learning techniques on how to fix that perfect cup at home or at your place of business people love to walk in places an see that coffee of espresso is available at least I do…


And to hear Watson’s Theory live, get your tickets to the Barista Nation New Orleans event here.







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