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Barista Nation Sponsor Orleans Coffee Bob Arcenaux on Emerging Coffee Trends

Baritsa Nation New Orleans is steadfastly approaching, and Bob Arceneaux from Orleans Coffee (our event sponsor) shared some insights about coffee, New Orleans and Barista Nation! If you haven’t yet gotten your ticket for the event, now’s the time! Either way, Bob will be joining us at the event. Here’s what he had to say….

Orleans Coffee Roaster and Sponsor


1.) Please tell us a little bit about what you do and how you got involved in coffee culture?

This can’t be answered without a few beers. (Abita Turbodog, please. Thank you.) I was moonlighting at PJ’s Coffee in the late 80’s filling coffee bags and café orders. That’s when there were only three cafes and the only game in town, and pretty good for the time. That’s where I learned how to work an espresso machine and leaned how to roast, cup and buy coffee. After six years there I left to roast for a startup (Covington Coffee Works, later becoming N.O. Coffee Works, and now a sub-brand of Orleans Coffee).

Two years later, I left to become the roaster for Orleans Coffee. After twelve years there, along with a business partner, we bought the business from the owner. My partner and I were co-owners until last year when he left to pursue other business interests.

Today, my time is spent cupping and buying coffees with my assistant, with a focus on identifying interesting and unique small lot coffees. I also spend time in efforts to grow our brand through coffeehouses and restaurants throughout New Orleans and the gulf south.

bob-aceneaux-orleans-coffee2.) Bob, what do you see as one of the most important emerging business trends in the local coffee community in New Orleans?

One of the most important emerging business trends is coffee house owners purchasing better espresso machines and grinders and the willingness to recognize the value of a well-trained barista to the success of their shop.

3.) In your opinion, who would benefit the most by attending Barista Nation New Orleans, and why?

Shop owners and managers should attend Barista Nation New Orleans to be more exposed to the excitement and energy of the (mostly young) people on coffee today. They’re interested in learning the art and craft of operating an espresso machine and being able to produce a great shot of espresso and make a beautiful, classic cappuccino. In coffee they find an accepting community and their own sustainability.

We’re almost sold out, so get your tickets to the Barista Nation New Orleans event here. We look forward to seeing you all at the event!

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