Based in San Francisco, CA, David Rio has been crafting its distinctive premium chai and tea products since 1996, combining Eastern tradition with Western innovation and style, to connoisseurs around the world. As strong allies with the coffee industry, David Rio has sponsored Barista Nation since 2012 and continues to be in support of the event and its mission to bring coffee aficionados together to network and learn from one-another. The Company’s synergy in coffee first began in their roots when co-founders, Scott (David) Lowe and Rio Miura began marketing a line of specialty teas, coffees and accessories through an all-Japanese language catalog for export to Japan, Rio’s native country.

Demand from both individuals and wholesalers led the company to offer its chai in the US market as well. Since then, David Rio has continued to create innovative flavors to expand what is known today as the “Endangered Species Line” of premium chai products, each named after endangered, at-risk, or vulnerable animals. David Rio demonstrates its strong commitment to animal welfare by donating a percentage of the profits from sales of its best seller, Tiger Spice Chai®, each year to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). These donations contribute to IFAW’s global initiatives, which focus on David Rio’s deepest commitment to protect endangered tigers and elephants around the world. David Rio has also been a longtime supporter of their local Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA since 2002, and has partnered with Cat Tales Zoological Park in Mead, Washington since 1999, where David Rio’s adopted Bengal Tiger, Atlas, resides.

Today, David Rio’s premium chai and tea products are available in cafés, restaurants, and specialty retail stores in over 45 countries. While David Rio has a strong global presence, creating a retail café location near its home in San Francisco remained a critical part of the Company’s vision. In Spring 2015, David Rio opened its doors to Chai Bar by David Rio, where consumers locally and from around the world can visit and enjoy David Rio products and join our band of loyal fans.

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